Gamble Box Metal Pocket Sized Gambling Casino Piggy Bank Cash Drop Box Gamblebox Stops the Addictive Urge to Gamble Back All Your Winnings Best Gambling Tricks Tips Guaranteed to Help Any Gambler Bring Home More Cash Just Leave Keys Home Fold Slip Some Winning Cash Bills in to Come Home a Winner Start Leaving Casino's with More Cash Wins

The GambleBox is Made heavy/strong to resist users from breaking in to it, the slot in thin to fold one bill at a time so users can not fish the cash out , it’s made big enough to fit many cash bills in it, a product that really pays for itself

Large Pocket sized (Not fot Tight Pants , great for a large cell phone holder or in a purse) includes 2 unique keys per box – Heavy Weight break proof – ships fast USA mail

Just leave the keys at home – slip some cash winnings in slot – Lock box also works great as a small home , car , college dorm room safe – lock up jewelry , rings, credit cards , cash – it holds a couple credit cards, 20 cash bills , a few rings and a necklace and bracelet – fits great in small places

The gamble box stops the addictive urge to play back all winnings, must have casino cash drop gambling box for any gambler

Great gambling tricks tips come home a winner with locked up money – Never leave your poker table or slot machine – just bring your money in all $20 bills and when you win some chips or your up on a slot machine ticket just take some of your $20 bills and fold that up to slip in the Gamblebox

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