GalsShopper Pink – All In 1 Shopping Organizer, 1 Clip On Any Shopping Cart Handlebar,Holds Any Size Smart Phone/List/Coupons/Pen, HandsFree for Clothes,Shoes,Kids,Groceries/Compact In Handbag or Home

Designed in U.S.A. Easily attaches to any shopping cart or baby stroller handlebar with just one clip!

Securely holds any size smart phone, shopping list, coupons and pen all in one place, right in front of you!

Camera and Scanning capable while phone is held in the GalsShopper. Expose the lens by simply sliding phone upwards peaking over outward or use Selfie mode to flip camera forward facing.

Fits in most handbags and vehicle compartments. FREE Grocery Shopping list with every purchase from a Registered Dietitian.

Lifetime Warranty. Flexible neck for perfect placement, portable, universal, light weight and durable.

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