gadgets for women’s safety | Top 5 latest personal safety device for women in hindi

Right here we are reviewing on most current leading 5 modern technology which is going to assist women for security.
Top 5:-.
1. The stun baton.

Formed like the baton used in relay races, this self-defense tool incapacitates the opponent by.
misshaping interaction between his mind and voluntary muscles. This results in a vertigo,.
disorientation, complication, and also loss of muscular tissue control.
Also though the stun baton inflate to 800,000 volts of electrical shock into the assaulter’s body,.

2. The lightning strike individual security tool.

This torch-like device was initially established for use by authorities policemans, but several.
private citizens now use it too. It safeguards you by quickly blinding and disorienting the.
assaulter– thanks to the several lumens of strong white light created by the LEDs.

3. The personal alarm system.

Very little, this gadget can howl very noisally at the push of a button. So,.
when you are struck, you can use it to draw in focus. The loud scream alone can discourage.
assailants, as it continues up until you stop it. Some individual alarms also have inbuilt light,.

4. Safelet.

Similar to several wearable tools that focus on safety and security, Safelet was developed with speed and comfort.
in mind. The arm band has two buttons on the side that customers can push to send a message to.
contact within a Guardian Network. If the circumstance is among high risk, family and friends.
participants who see the alert can immediately call an emergency number like 911 from within the app.

5. Covert colors.

This is the modern technology, its a nail gloss as well as it can spot alcoholic material, when you place your nails under beverage, its colors adjustments.

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