Full Upper Body Workout W/Resistance Bands / @CoachBobbyBluford

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UMC (Ultimate Muscle Confusion) is an innovative physical fitness system developed by Bobby Bluford. A former college football gamer who has actually collaborated with thousands of athletes, his strategy incorporates two medically shown approaches for physical fitness and also weight loss- High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as well as Muscle Confusion. UMC’s uses arbitrary exercise choice in a non-stop, quick shift style to make the most of both resistance as well as cardiovascular training. The system addresses the significant barriers that protect against people from following their fitness programs:

” I do not have the time.”
” I don’t have a health club subscription or any kind of tools in the house.”
” I’m brand-new at this as well as do not recognize what to do.”
” I’m always delighted in the beginning, but then I get bored as well as lose inspiration.”

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