Folding Wood Cutting Board Travel Set – Portable 5 Piece Pack includes CuttingBoad | Chef Knife| Kitchen Scissors| Cooking Tongs| Tote Bag – For outdoor picnics, Camping BBQ, TailGaiting Rv Trips.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Pack up and go…and take this portable cutting board along with you on your next adventure. The entire travel set weighs under 3lbs, and takes up only 7″ by 14″ of space when folded.

PORTABLE FOOD PREP: Slice, dice, and chop everywhere and anywhere, with all the tools you need for meal preparation right at your fingertips. Great for road trips, barbecues, camping excursions, hikes, picnics, motorhomes, small kitchen spaces, and more.

DURABLE, STURDY DESIGN: Quality that lasts! This chopping block is made from high grade, pretreated birch that stands up to the abuse of travel and outdoor conditions.

EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN:The included accessories are made from restaurant-grade, rust resistant steel that is low maintenance – easy to rinse and care for on the go. The surface of the cutting board is smooth and simple to wipe clean and stow.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED (AND MORE): It’s like camping with a kitchen in your backpack. Your set includes: 1 full sized folding cutting board with non-skid feet; 1 pre-sharpened chef’s knife for all your slicing; 1 pair of clipping tongs to flip food over a grill; 1 pair of kitchen scissors that doubles as a beer opener; Plus – a FREE water resistant insulating tote for easy transport.

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