Feeko Gear Ties, Pack of 20 Silicone Cable Ties Multi-use Tie Bag Bread Trash Food Clip Reusable Zip Ties Kitchen Home Gadgets Tools Yellow

The gear ties is made of durable and long lasting silicone, is an essential thing to have in any family. They’re good for manage your desk, drawers, tool box, or any other space that needs organizing.

The cable ties have a soft rubber exterior that is reusable to cut down on waste and save money. All silicone construction makes the zip ties flexible for quick and easy use.

Its shape like a snake with gear , Fast binding, good insulation, self-locking fastening, easy to use and so on, and can effectively solve the cable can not be removed after the fixed.

The perfect all-around organizer for home, office, travel and more. The problem of can not adjust the cable, re-use can be easily removed after removal, to achieve recyclable.

Material: Silicone. Length: 20 cm/ 7.87 inch. The package will come with 20 pieces gear ties and the color is yellow.

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