Exercise Gliding Discs Core Sliders – Ab Workout Slider Gliding Discs For Abdominal Exercise And Fitness Green

Exercise sliders discs is you can use them in a variety of different workouts – an aerobic or dance workout, Pilates, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and even yoga.

Core Sliders can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret weapon.Using our Core Sliders requires constant core stabilisation which delivers an incredible core workout.

Abdominal Core Sliders dural side design -(ABS/ fabric material) works on any surface such as Wood, Carpet, Laminate or Tile

Fitness Gliders allow you to perform exercises that target every muscle group, Particularly the core. 7″x7″x.05″ convenient size of our sliding discs makes them ideal for carrying to the gym where they can be used for strength training and all over body conditioning. They are also easy to take with you when travelling for business or on vacation

For all fitness levels – Perfect for both men and women who are looking for low impact exercise techniques to improve fitness. Whether you’re a professional sports person, training for the military, recovering from an injury or just like to keep fit in your spare time then our fitness sliders are ideal fitness.

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