ePatch® Instruction video

The ePatch ® ECG recorder was created to change the field of ambulatory heart surveillance. The ePatch ® is consequently able to continually videotape and also save multi-lead ECGs without making use of any annoying cable televisions. As you can see in this direction video, the ePatch ® ECG recorder is effective as well as very simple to utilize in any kind of medical setting. The “wear as well as forget” design that permits the person to continue typical day-to-day life tasks throughout the tracking duration has actually moreover guaranteed a medically proven high person complete satisfaction with wearing the device.

This instruction video clip will promptly direct you with the simple procedure for mounting the ePatch ® ECG recorder and carrying out a recording. If you have any questions or is interested in even more details concerning the ePatch ® ECG recorder, please call your representative.

The ePatch ® ECG recorder is CE significant as well as FDA got rid of.

You ought to constantly review the Instruction Manual before making use of the ePatch ® ECG recorder.