Eggibles Egg Cooker: The ORIGINAL Hard Boiled Egg Cooker AND Poached Egg Cooker, NO PEELING EGG SHELLS, Rapid Egg Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs In A Dash, FDA Food Grade Silicone, Boil Multiple Eggs Or One

✅ NO MORE PEELING EGGS: Peeling eggs is a pain. With this rapid hard boiled egg cooker, absolutely no peeling is required. Just crack and pour the eggs or the egg whites and boil. It really is that simple. You will have delicious hard boiled eggs in a dash without the mess of peeling eggs! Microwave egg cookers or expensive electric egg cookers just cannot compare to Eggibles.

✅ ELIMINATE CHOLESTERAL AND ADD PROTEIN: Interested in no cholesterol? No problem. Simply pour egg whites from a carton or remove the egg yolk. Then boil. It is that easy. With Eggibles egg cooker you can make hard boiled eggs with or without the yolk. Perfect for a morning pick me up on your way out the door, a protein packed pre workout, or a healthy snack for hungry kids. Making hard boiled eggs for a healthy snack has never been easier.

✅ SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: Your health is our top priority. Eggibles egg cooker is made from the highest quality FDA APPROVED, BPA FREE, food grade silicone. Eggibles hard boiled egg cooker has even been awarded a prestigious United States Patent. Designed in California, Eggibles is the safe and reliable rapid hard boiled egg cooker you can count on.

✅ DON’T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP IMITATORS: The United States Patent Office awarded Eggibles a Patent for its innovative and durable design. Do not be fooled by the cheap red imitators. This hard boild egg cooker is sure to please. Eggibles is the egg cooker that is fun, easy, simple, safe, and reliable.

✅ BEAUTIFUL EYE CATCHING DESIGN: The vibrant blue and yellow design adds a fun pop on color to any kitchen. Eggibles hard boiled egg cooker is sure to be a conversation starter with family and guests. Unrealiable microwave egg cookers, expensive electric egg cookers, and messy poached egg cookers just cannot compare to Eggibles. Simple, functional, beautiful, and safe. Eggibles hard boiled egg cooker will be a staple in your kitchen for years.

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