Diagonal Wide Quantum Bracelet for Men, EMF Protection Cell Phone Anti Radiation Bracelet – Fusion Excel The Best EMR Neutralizer from All Electronic Devices

ORIGINAL: Fusion Excel Quantum Bracelet

RECOMMENDED : “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Suitable for everyone. Recommended for every health conscious man, women, and child.

HEALTHY FASHION : Combine Style with your Health Fitness, this Fusion Excel Quantum Energy Bracelet is introduced for your health wellness in today’s hazardous living environment. It works as a shield to protect your health against EMF and EMR.

SEAL OF TRUST : Only Buy Genuine Fusion Excel Products, BEWARE OF FAKES! This FE product comes with a FE Authenticity Card for registration at FE website.

ADJUSTABLE : Length of Bracelet can easily be adjusted by any watch repair shop.

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