Dean Tactical – Mens Bracelet,Survival Knife, Hiking Gear, Emergency, Paracord

5-In-1 MENS BRACELETS – This bracelet unravels to reveal approximately 10 feet of high strength, 550 lb capacity parachute cord. The paracord can be added to your hiking gear for use as a fishing line, to build a shelter, or replace boat motor cords. Whistle on the buckle to help you signal for help in an emergency.

EASY TO USE COMPASS – When you’re out hiking, the attached compass can help you navigate through the forest, and find the perfect campsite

ALWAYS BE PREPARED – Flint hidden inside the buckle. When used with the hidden blade, it will create a spark. Come on baby, light my fire!

TESTED AND TRUSTED – All of the excellent features have been personally tested for quality and dependability. This mens bracelet is a must have for your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit! (Or if you just get stuck in the woods!)

HIKING MADE EVEN BETTER – You’ll never want to go hiking again without one of these. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re prepared for just about any situation that might arise.

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