Cyberbike™ Magnetic Edition – Official Trailer (EN)

Play or move, why choose?
Readily available in Europe on november 26
Pilot all the vehicles on world Cyclo and use your eco-citizen legs for Cyclo’s.
benefit to rid it of all the pollution that is wrecking it! On the ground, in the air, or.
underwater, 4 cars (bike, sub-marine, wagon, and helicopter) and 3 game settings (physical fitness, tale, or multiplayer) enable the entire household to obtain fit while enjoying!
The brand-new variation of the ‘Cyberbike’ device has actually been significantly improved by.
adding a magnetic resistance which maximises your efforts.
– An interior bicycle that you could plug into your Wii console!
– 4 lorries that will please all member of the family.
– 3 game settings:.
– Story Mode: kids/teens.
– unlock the cars as you play … by pedalling.
– Fitness mode: Adults.
– set an objective (distance, size of time, calories, and so on) and let the video game help you reach it.
– Multiplayer setting (approximately 4 players can play by taking turns): for the entire household.
– Advance through the tale as well as customise your vehicles.
– Adjustable problem levels.