Crack Shot, Snake Guardz Snake Shin Guard – Leg Snake Guards and Snake Bite Leggings for Men and Women

ULTRA-EFFECTIVE SNAKE SHIELD – Snake Guardz hiking snake guards provide superior protection against rattlesnakes and other poisonous snakes, thorns, cactus needles, and other dangers you may come across in the woods or the desert.

RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL – Each of our snake shin protectors are tested for puncture resistance to ASTM F1342-05 specifications, enough to stop a 12-gauge shotgun blast at 20-yard distance, and also meet the CAL-177 fire retardant standards.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – Weighing just 11 ounces each, these snake-proof guards are as efficient as snake bite boots yet much lighter. Snake Guardz utilize a patented design that promotes air circulation between the guard and the leg.

MEN‘S AND WOMEN‘S SNAKE GUARDS – Snake Guardz are perfect snake guards for women, as well as men. The guards have 1-inch polyester straps and quick-release polyurethane buckles. You can easily adjust the fit to your calf size for maximum comfort.

AVAILABLE IN 6 SIZES – Snake Guardz snake boot guards come in six different sizes, ranging from small to triple extra-large. These seven sizes cover calf circumferences from 6 inches to 36 inches, so your whole family can stay safe on your next trip.

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