Complete Survival Emergency Kit 14-in-1 by Ronin | Great for Backpacking Hiking | Tactical Gear – Car/Disaster SOS EDC Tools | Compact Traveling Case – Fishing Hunting Camping Gadgets for Men & Women

【FREEDOM TO EXPLORE】Our kit is especially designed for those who live for the thrill of adventure, dare to break boundaries, for those who aren’t afraid to wander through rough and rugged terrains, for men and women led by their hearts. FOR THOSE WHO’S SPIRIT IS AWAKENED

【WHY CHOOSE OUR KIT】It`s CAREFULLY CRAFTED AND SELECTED GADGETS with focus on quality of materials and reliability. You’ll see the difference with our 5-in-1 and 8 inches Top Stainless Steel Tactical Knife. This is one of the only kits with a First Aid Tourniquet included, 8-in-1 Pliers, improved Wire Saw with 2 loops for better grip and an Extra S Binder Carabiner, Survival Bracelet 5-in-1 to have everything at your wrist, Loud Whistle. Extra TIPS Brochure for how to use the equipment included

【SAFETY FIRST】 You can rely on this Tactical Gear in heat, cold, dark or in the wilderness when exploring the great outdoors or in disaster scenarios. It is extremely handy in all situations, like when you need to find your way In the dark, signal for help, light a fire, whistle to scare off wild animals or when you get lost, break car glass in rescue situations, self defense or build a shelter to keep safe from the elements.

【VALUE BOX】A must have lightweight, durable and reliable emergency kit for outdoors enthusiasts containing 14 Quality Items: Stainless Steel Tactical Knife, LED Bright Flashlight – 3 Modes, Tourniquet, Loud Whistle, 5-in-1 Survival Bracelet, a Multitool Swiss Card with 12 functions, Wire Saw with 2 Loops, Fire Starter, 8-in-1 Pliers, Bottle Holder, Thermal Blanket, Striker

【MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY】Offer this cool useful gadget as a perfect gift for people who love Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Camping. These are not only cool gadgets for men, but also fun learning tools for kids, to help develop survival skills in outdoor adventures and stay safe in emergency situations. Our Professional Survival Gear is 4.1×1.8×6.3 in. The entire box weighs only 1.25 lbs, you can take it anywhere. Easily fits in a backpack or to carry as a Car Emergency Kit, on a boat, motorcycle or bike

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