Chip Clips Plastic Bag Sealer Sticks by Kitchen Gadgets – 8 Pack, 4 sizes – Super Easy – Fold the Top of a Bag and Slide On a Bag Sealer Stick – Keeps Food Fresh – Thin, Compact, Reusable, Durable

Plastic bag sealer sticks create a liquid and air tight seal. A perfect home & kitchen food preservation set. Never waste food again!

Super easy to use. Just fold the top of a bag and slide on a bag sealer stick (see product pictures for examples).

This convenient kit contains 8 bag sealer sticks in 4 usable widths: 10.6″/27 cm – 8.3″/21 cm – 6.55″/16,6 cm and 3.9″/9,9 cm.

Ideal for a wide range of food bags, such as: bread, chips, corn flakes/cereals, nuts, cheese, meats, pasta, rice, vegetables, fruit, cakes/cookies, herbs, etc. Also suitable for other items, for example: coffee, tea, medicine, etc. Note that items cannot be stored indefinitely. Always pay attention to the expiration date mentioned on the original package.

The compact dimensions of the sealer sticks allow you to store them in any kitchen drawer or cutlery tray. The sealer sticks can be used in a freezer and are dishwasher safe (hand wash recommended). Although the bag sealer sticks create a liquid and air tight seal, it is not recommended to store any valuable or indispensable items inside a bag and then submerge in water or such.

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