Boys Will Be Boys

Simply dudes being guys virtually. You know, man things.
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The Cast
Katie: Kacey Mayeda
Chad: Greg Swartz
Susan: Shannon Gibbs
Brad: Dano Nissen
Partiers: Alex Sutton, Griffin Kelly, Lindsay Miner

Exec Team
Greg Swartz, Shannon Gibbs, Kacey Mayeda

Composed by: Real Adult Humans
Director: Denisse De La Cruz.
Supervisor of Photography: Ben Hoskin.
Editor: Greg Swartz.
Aide Director: Eliana Adise.
Assistant Camera: Nathan Larson.
Manufacturer: David Velo Stewart.
Noise: Anjali Raghunathan.
Logo Design Design: Bella Oriella.
Innovative Consultants: Anjali Raghunathan, Eshaana Sheth.

Snapchat: realadulthumanscomedy.
Company Inquiries:

Genuine Adult Humans is a comprehensive comedy group dedicated to making stupid jokes and also illustrations for the internet. Kids Will Be Boys is one such sketch. Boom.