[BizSmart] Ep.77 – Taser gun with a phone case/ Sensors based on an infrared sensor/ Radio solution

Taser gun with a mobile phone instance/ Sensing units based upon an infrared sensing unit/ Radio service that is a fixed-mobile merging equipment/ 휴대폰의 케이스에 전기충격기 (247코리아 )/ 적외선 센서를 기반으로 한 다양한 특수 센서 (템퍼스)/ 유연한 통신을 가능하게 하는 유무선 통합장비 (비천).

As the general public focus on the security issue increases each day, a growing variety of self-defense gizmos for ladies are appearing. 247KOREA has actually established an ingenious item that has actually connected a taser weapon with a cellular phone instance which individuals bring all the time. The wise phone instance for protection produces much less than 30,000 volts. And the company has used the IoT technique to it, so the firm’s application is instantly linked right now customers start to use the situation. On top of that, the actual time place data of an individual and video footage of criminal activity is immediately sent out to the phone number set in advance. The product has not only high practicability however also a straightforward layout unlike the existing protection gizmos which look unsophisticated and quite harsh. Many thanks to it, a lot more and also much more customers are astounded by the product. Lately, 247KOREA has actually invented a tiny taser that is connected to its application. The product provides self-defensive functions as well as it can likewise be made use of as the 2nd battery on routine days. We fulfill 247KOREA, a company that strives on establishing new items for the security of customers with separated concepts.

Our lives have actually come to be easier everyday with brand-new innovations. There are IoT technologies ranging from a non-touch smart thermometer to residence appliances measuring the air problem, to a cellular phone discovering human movement. A selection of sensors that have been substantially improved enables these sort of strategies. A domestic company TEMPUS produces different special sensing units based on an infrared sensing unit. Particularly, it has created a micro-thermopile sensing unit that comes in an extremely small dimension and also inexpensive rate with its own technical skills. This sensing unit detects a broader series of wavelength and also has 5 times higher level of sensitivity than its competing products. The company is generating thermosensors, gas sensors, and under display screen sensors based upon a micro thermopile sensor. It is selling a non-touch thermosensor that enables people to measure the temperature despite the fact that a body or a product is not touched to the sensor. The business is also making a gas sensor that discovers the CO2 degree and supplying it to lots of companies. It is currently studying on the modern technology of getting a distance sensing unit under the display from the top to make a larger display. We consider TEMPUS, a firm that creates special sensing units in order to appear technical skills that can be used conveniently in everyday living.

BEECHEON has created a radio service that is a fixed-mobile merging gear which makes it possible for versatile interactions in diverse situations. Swift interaction is one of the most essential element in maintaining gold time for the occupations that handle emergency situation situations. BEECHEON has made a broad scope of devices in order for users to deal with such circumstances. The gears of BEECHEON do not utilize the wavelength, so they do not require added verification regarding making use of the wavelength when the company exports and imports the items. The tools just utilizes the voice information of the radio and it has absolutely nothing to do with the regularity. So the products are able to clear personalizeds without worries when exported. One more notable function is that the devices is suitable with all sort of other radios. It is also suitable with cord telephones and also cellular phones, so individuals are able to use it and also interact with others flexibly in a range of settings. The fixed-mobile convergence equipment enables telecommunication making use of the radio and also links the heterogeneous system, functioning successfully in the military. It additionally connects the radios used in a store at the reduced degree with various other types of radios made use of in a studio or resort at the top degree of the structure. Therefore, a fast evacuation is feasible in case of a fire.The guideline is hassle-free also. When consumers apply the associated program that is linked to the fixed-mobile merging equipment, they can regulate all the functions on a screen as well as view a scene anytime through a video clip or a text message on the display. The technical skills of BEECHEON were highly acknowledged by a variety of institutes as well as they have reinforced the competitiveness of the company on the market. BEECHEON is making a vast array of innovations to assist individuals interact properly in a significant catastrophe. We have a look at BEECHEON which becomes a global business that secures product and also human sources both in the house as well as overseas.