Best Kitchen Gadgets Compilation From AliExpress – Tik Tok China

Incredible tools you have to have for the kitchen area. One of the most fun as well as valuable items from Tik Tok China, you can find here.

Item links on AliExpress:

1 – Suporte de ganchos giratório
Swivel hook support

2 – Escorredor dobrável
Folding drainer

3 – Panela eletrica giratoria
Rotating electric cooker

4 – Dispensador de água portátil
Portable water dispenser

5 – Tapete de cozinha
Kitchen rug

6 – Suporte de toalha de papel
Paper towel owner

7 – Lixeira de pendurar dobrável
Folding hanging garbage can

8 – Cesta de pia ajustável para lavar
Flexible sink basket for washing

9 – Recipiente de especiarias com colher
Seasoning container with spoon

10 – Cesta retrátil para cozinhar no vapor
Retractable steam cooking basket

11 – Tabua de corte com afiador de facas
Cutting board with blade sharpener

12 – Multi-função shelf de cozinha
Multi-function kitchen area rack

13 – Abridor para tampa bay e garrafas
Opener for lids and containers

14 – Cortador e ralador de vegetables
Vegetable cutter as well as grater

15 – Bandeja para lanches de empilhar
Stacking snack tray

16 – Multi-função dupla camada cesta
Multi-function double layer basket

17 – Elétrica sanduíche e máquina de waffle
Electric sandwich as well as waffle maker

18 – Lixeira para reciclagem de empilhar
Pile recycling bin

19 – Mini máquina de vácuo
Mini vacuum cleaner device

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