Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – ANTELOPE sports apparel raises training performance. This athletic clothes of the future is a combination of premium sports apparel and also wearable modern technology.

ANTELOPE is composed of compression sports apparel with incorporated electrodes, a smartphone-sized power gadget, in addition to an application to regulate the entire system. Contraction during training are strengthened via external electrical impulses, increasing the intensity and also performance of every workout.

The system created by German Startup Wearable Life Science makes use of electrical muscle mass stimulation (EMS), an innovation initially made use of by expert athletes and in recovery programs. Celebs like Usain Bold, Rafael Nadal or the Bayern Munich as well as Real Madrid football groups have already been taking advantage of the results of EMS technology for several years. With ANTELOPE this training is currently more offered and effective for every person and also every sporting activity.

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Production: Bewegende Bilder
Director: Harry Montana
Beats: Schängelmukke
Models: Younes, Sirka, Robert, Eddy