Agate Pendant Jewelry, Geode Slice, a Unique Polished Natural Stone from Brazil, with a Center of Druzy Crystals, Medium Size Between 1 1/4" to 1 7/8" with a Gold-Plated Edge, in Gift Box

💎 This offer is for a beautiful pendant, a slice of a natural stone, with agate and crystal. The color, showing as ‘SURPRISE ME’ means your selection will come from a batch in Amazon‘s warehouse and you could get any color.

💎 The ‘setting’ is ELECTROPLATED WITH GOLD, following the natural edge of the stone. (The amount of gold is in extremely tiny quantities, with other metals, to just give the color of gold.)

💎 BOTH SIDES ARE POLISHED so it can be worn on either side. EACH PIECE IS TOTALLY UNIQUE, no two pieces are exactly alike. We have a wide variety, the pieces shown are just examples of the one you will receive.

💎 OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THERE FOR YOU. We help our customers by providing tips on usage and care through several follow-up messages, and offer support for any questions or problems you might encounter. No need to worry about ordering the wrong product, or what happens if it just isn’t the right one for you. Whatever the reason, we have hassle-free refunds or replacements. Our EAGems digital caliper comes with a 2-year warranty. We want to ensure the best experience for our customers.

💎 EAGems IS A COMPANY OF INTEGRITY, a family-owned and operated business. We strive to offer excellent products with great value to those who use them. We believe great communication helps resolve any issue, as well as can make any customer experience a great one. Our goal is to help spark imagination and creativity through the unique ‘gems’ we offer, be they pieces of nature, or the cool gadgets we find to work with them. We hope we can help you find that unique and special inspiration!

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