Activ5 Isometric Based Exercise – No Impact Muscle Activation – Portable Full-Body Workout and Strength Training Device with Free Coaching App

GET STRONGER – Isometric exercise is associated with an increase in muscle bulk, upper and lower body strength, increase in bone density

BENEFITS OVER AEROBIC EXERCISE – Stretching and aerobic exercising alone have proven to be a less effective form of training than isometric strength training in bone fractures

LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE – Scientific evidence suggests that isometrics, as part of healthy lifestyle, may help lower blood pressure

SAVES YOU TIME – Isometrics provides a full body workout when you don’t have time to get to the gym

EXERCISE ANYWHERE – Workout at home, at your desk or on the plane or in the hotel when traveling

IMPROVE STAMINA – Isometric strength training can have beneficial effects on performance during endurance events.

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