8 Best Slider Exercises To Add To Your Workout (VALSLIDE REVIEW)

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the 8 best slider exercises to add to your workout to reinforce your core.
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Call me old college, yet the bulk of my training incorporates:
– weights
– dumbbells
– bodyweight
– cable televisions
– kettlebells
– resistance bands
– makers

Do not obtain me wrong, there are a few non-traditional health and fitness items that I love to utilize, such as the TRX and Sandbags, however most of the physical fitness gizmos on late night informercials are garbage.

So when I initially found out about these sliders, called the ValSlide, I was a little doubtful. When I did my study on the creator, Valerie Waters, I swiftly understood she was usually featured in fitness magazines, as the trusted trainer to star customers such as Jennifer Garner.

This rapidly finished my suspicion of slider exercises. Considering that I don’t back anything I have not tried myself, I was excited when Valerie asked me to check the Valslides for myself.

Although the ValSlide item features a DVD as well as instructional overview, being a guy, I did what we do. I skipped the guidelines, obtained imaginative, and also simply had enjoyable by trying out these 8 best slider workouts.

Despite the fact that these Valslides look straightforward, I assure, they are going to kick your butt.

Look into the very best 8 slider exercises:
By merely incorporating the Valslides to these 8 slider workouts, you can use a various stimulation to your exercises as well as maintain them fresh.

1. Solitary Leg Single Arm Slider Push Up
2. Slider Mountain Climber Push Up
3. Slider Reverse Lunge
4. Single Arm Slider Wax On Wax Off Push Up
5. Single Arm Slider Spider Man Push Up
6. Slider Push Up Fly
7. Slider Lateral Lunge
8. One Arm Sliding Push Up

Those were simply 8 progressed slider workouts that you can consist of right into your exercises to make you sweat.

You’ll obtain accessibility to more slider exercises and novice slider workouts in the consisted of follow along DVD as well as exercise guide when you buy the Valslides. I’m telling you, these sliders are for real.

Slider exercise advantages:
# 1. Core stamina:
You do not require to perform hundreds of problems on a daily basis. Completing crises incorrectly can be harmful to your body. Performing countless crunches a day is additionally not one of the most effective method to obtain a level tummy.

Incorporating even more slider exercises can enhance your core, and all the stabilizers muscle mass that you do not struck with problems. This will certainly cause an overall much healthier as well as stronger body.

# 2. Transportable:
The Valslides are tiny, compact, as well as can be brought anywhere you take a trip.

Right here’s the only negative con to making use of sliders:
I primarily have wood floors in my house, so as you can see in the slider exercise video, I finished the slider exercises on a blanket. A lot of sliders can just be used on carpet.

Nonetheless, you can buy “booties” for your Valslides, which after that allows you to finish all these slider workouts on hardwood or concrete flooring.

There are a lot of gimmicky fitness products that are absolute scrap, yet these sliders are not one of them. They just set you back in between $30-40 as well as I assure you, when you put them to use, you will not regret it.

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