5 Awesome Inventions for Female – Amazing Inventions

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5 Awesome Inventions for Female You Need to See.

01- ZENTA: http://igg.me/at/zenta/x.
02- CAT Clutch: http://www.catclutch.com.
03- MAPO: http://www.wired-beauty.com.
04- Livia: http://igg.me/at/mylivia/x.
05- Omnia:.

01-ZENTA: Stress & Emotion Management On Your Wrist.
Change your routines & take care of day-to-day tension. The most advanced individualized instructor for body & mind.
02- CAT Clutch – The Ultimate Evening Bag.
Wearable art on your arm! Our trendy bag displays LED pixel art, unpredictable with a touch of our app, holds lipstick & charges your phone.
03-MAPO World’s First Connected Beauty mask.
Currently you can better recognize your skin as well as increase its wetness with our trademarked Mask and also its companion App!
04- Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain.
The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain.
05- Omnia – 100 dresses in 1. The Women‘s Multi-Tool.
The world’s very first convertible gown with even more than 100 daily styles in simply one dress. Change your style in secs.

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