5 Awesome Fitness Inventions For a Better You

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5 Awesome Fitness Inventions For a Better You.

01- Thin Ice 2.0: http:///www.thiniceweightloss.com.
02- Vi.: http://www.life-beam.com.
03- SpineGym: http://igg.me/at/nYn3Kl5FVis/x.
04- SenseON: http://igg.me/at/senseon/x.
05- AXIUS: http://www.axiuscore.com.

01-Thin Ice 2.0: A Next-Gen Weight Loss Clothing Line.
The Thin Ice vest boosts the body with cool temperature levels to induce an approximated 500-1000 calories of thermogenic calorie burning.
02- Vi. The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer.
Meet Vi, an AI personal instructor who resides in biosensing earphones. She discovers your suitable path to physical fitness and also coaches you in real time.
03-SpineGym – Strong Back and also Abs for life.
Perfect back, abs & straight stance with a 4 minute standing exercise in the house or office.
04- SenseON – A Clinically Accurate Heart Rate Monitor.
The lightest HRM wearable that attaches straight to your upper body. Currently you can learn convenience.
05- AXIUS: Functional Core, Balance and Mobility Training System.
AXIUS is a reliable as well as portable core exercise system for strengthening your whole body with different degrees of instability.

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