5 Amazing New Inventions For Women THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND !

Some fantastic developments & Gadgets For Women that will blow your mind!! Awesome creations for girls.
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5 Amazing New Inventions For Women THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

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7 – Pravana: Pravana Vivids Mood Heat Activated Hair Color Kit

6 – Lumini: Samsung to Reveal Creative Lab Projects for Kids and also Skincare at CES 2017

5 – BooBand: Booband Adjustable Breast Support Band|The Sports Bra Alternative

4 – Ta Towel: Keep Them High, Keep Them Dry.

3 – The London Smart Bag: The Worlds SMARTEST Handbag

2 – Base Belt: Next-Gen Storage Solution

1 – Mime Et Moi: a NEW generation of high heel footwear.

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