4.5 LCD Display Echo Device – Portable and Reliable Fetus Gadget – Perfect Household Baby Accessory for Pregnant Women (2.0)

FITS IN YOUR HAND. Always bring with your the baby gadget to listen to your child at home, in the office, or while traveling. It weighs very light and can perfectly fit in small handheld purses.

CAN BE USED WITH OR WITHOUT GEL. The echo device works well with gel for a smoother navigation in the abdominal area. But the probe also glides without the gel. Can be used with baby oil or other lubricants.

HIGH SENSITIVITY AND ACCURACY. Even with low dosage and operating frequency, you can clearly hear the baby inside the tummy. The probe is highly sensitive and accurate.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. Save battery life with the auto power-off function of the device when not in use. Enjoy long hours of continuous use with just AA batteries.

COMPATIBLE WITH EARPHONES, SPEAKERS, AND RECORDERS. You can listen to your child with either plugging earphones or playback through loudspeaker mode. Compatible also with other recording devices.

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