3-in-1 Soil Tester – Measures Light, Moisture & pH – Professional Gardening Tool for Farm, Kitchen Garden – No Batteries Required – Easy to Read Indicator – for Indoor or Outdoor Use

✔ 3-in-1 SOIL TESTER — Taking proper care of your garden need not be complicated. At least the basic soil properties should be properly monitored to keep the plants healthy. You don’t need a lot of equipment to measure light intensity, analyse moisture and know its pH level. All you need is a portable, handheld tester which can perform all three – Soil Tester by Floro!

✔ PROVIDES ACCURATE READING — This gardening equipment has sensitive probe that can sense changes that are happening in your soil and transmits details to the conductor. With this Plant Care Hygrometer, you can see scientifically accurate & precise values of soil properties instantly.

✔ NO NEED FOR BATTERIES OR ELECTRICITY — This environment-friendly handy gadget doesn’t require batteries and not even electricity to function. The dual probe measures 11″ (height) and 2.36″ (width), long enough to reach the soil next to the plant roots.

✔ EASY TO USE & WORKS WELL FOR ANY PLANT & SOIL — Floro Soil Tester will do great in any soil and is suitable for gardeners, farmers, or for anyone who loves planting and growing fresh plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables. It ensures hassle- and worry-free usage. In order to get reading, select the parameter and insert the probes about 2 – 4 inches deep into the soil. After about 10-minutes, note the level in the dial.

✔ SUITABLE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE — This soil meter will be able to assist you to get to know your soil better. Therefore you’ll be able to take care of your plants in a more rational way. Whether your plants grow best indoors or outdoors, know when it’s already time to water, adjust pH or if they are getting adequate light.

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