2 New Inventions of KEYCHAIN PEN for Your EVERYDAY CARRY

2 New Innovations of KEYCHAIN PEN for Your DAY-TO-DAY CARRY

1. NanoPen
NanoPen|World’s Smallest & Indestructible EDC Pen Tool
Functional, Minimal & Refined. NanoPen is a lot more than just a ultra-portable mini creating tool.
2 years back, we brought you The World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight. We intended to shock the Everyday Carry market by giving incredible, marginal items everyone can utilize on a daily basis. Introducing NanoPen, the pen that goes where you go.
When we claim “World’s Smallest”, we suggest it. Measuring in at an incredible 5cm in size, as well as 0.75 centimeters in diameter, absolutely nothing else on the marketplace comes close with the portability we provide.

2. Daily Carry Keychain Pen
Day-to-day Carry (EDC) Keychain Pen – Made In America
How several times have you been in a circumstance where you needed a pen but one was not offered?
Opportunities are greater than once, however that doesn’t have to happen. We’ve created an Everyday Carry Keychain Pen that can be with you in all times. There is no should remove it from a clip or split ring on your keychain to utilize.
0.35″ (9mm) Diameter
3.25″ Long Closed, On Keychain
2.94″ Long Open ‘In-Use’, Off Keychain
Ink – D-1 Style Fisher Space Ink Refill