15 Innovative Commercial and Kitchen Tools Kitchen Gadgets Live Test – Part 1

15 Innovative Commercial and Cooking Area Tools Cooking Area Devices Live Examination – Component 1

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15 Innovative Commercial and Kitchen Tools Kitchen Gadgets Live Test – Part 1

# Garlic Peeler https://goo.gl/iHt5TQ
# Egg Yolk Separater – Link: NA.
# Cut Resistance Gloves https://goo.gl/wP19rk.
# Carrot Peeler https://goo.gl/3PQ9yv.
# Egg Cracker https://goo.gl/iDd3kG.
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# Electric Salmon Scaler – Fish Scaler https://goo.gl/yKyTnK.
# Corn Cutting Machine https://goo.gl/aqU4ER.
# Vegetable Spiralizer https://goo.gl/ge269T.
# Watermelon Peeler Machine https://goo.gl/22e2WT.
# Automatic Fish Cleaning Machine https://goo.gl/XpG6NY.
# Egg Separator TM https://goo.gl/84tdZN.
# Sealer Machine https://goo.gl/p3nhd9.
# Garlic Peeler & Twist – Peeler https://goo.gl/pvySY1 Twister https://goo.gl/gG7yRc.
# Peeling Orange skin Machine https://goo.gl/22e2WT.

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