$12 Gaming Headset on Wish? – I Bought $264 in Wish Thanksgiving Tech Gadgets

It’s time for Wishbusters Season 2! To kick things off, it’s Thanksgiving (or was) which means there’s Wish.com devices and also products that are more affordable than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I purchased a crossbow, ghillie match, military knapsack, a turkey hat, as well as a $9 pc gaming headset on the app in this episode!

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Ultimate Wishbusters Playlist: https://youtu.be/nEjhbnhty1w?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKzL7MH3ZgbbRQXxex94YE0K

Desire Products:
Bubble Machine – https://www.wish.com/product/5b1663de97eae118248e9311
Moon Light – https://www.wish.com/product/59844ebac3eab54aa8e235a9
Mini Crossbow – https://www.wish.com/product/5abc1cdc9d5e97299281af82
Military Backpack – https://www.wish.com/product/5aea8a94da31be56a43cf4db
Headlamp – https://www.wish.com/product/57dfb69c94dbe218b3682d6c
Metal Arrows – https://www.wish.com/product/59cc2a86ece0362eeafffcdd
Ghillie Suit – https://www.wish.com/product/5b679d2a8bf401178915e5ad
Mini Laser Projector – https://www.wish.com/product/574819b322581e5cc0a3c9f4
Turkey Hat – https://www.wish.com/product/5bd4bc83ac1bec1733adccc1
Maple Lights – https://www.wish.com/product/5b97855c7075852ba67eb409
Pc gaming Headset – https://www.wish.com/product/5b8fc7109d77421ccb719351

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The $1,500 Rare Gold Apple Watch.

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Thanks for enjoying!

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